Job: Application Support Engineer at TriVersa Ltd

Purpose of the position:

Day-to-day maintenance of an organization’s IT systems and services. The job description involves managing and coordinating information technology operations to ensure the delivery of efficient and timely IT services. Investigation and analysis of user issues and application bugs, then resolution of issues and technical testing of fixes. Work with engineering and delivery teams to ensure quality and efficient implementation of projects and changes maintaining maximum production uptime

Responsibilities of the Application Support Engineer:

  • Assist in developing per-application maintenance plans and perform application maintenance, reconfigure, build and test components in accordance with OLAs and SLAs.
  • Code applications according to good security coding practices to ensure that the application is free from the most common coding vulnerabilities.
  • Create and execute/coordinate technical test plans for application change, new deployment and upgrades.
  • Participate in transitions of application components or technical architecture to testers.
  • Fix all defects and performance issues discovered during testing.
  • Continuous monitoring of service performance to ensure maximum service availability
  • Effective change management to minimize service disruptions and maximize service availability and quality
  • Work effectively with other dependent teams such as vendors, service management, security team, delivery and engineering team, and other operations teams.
  • Provide timely information for audit and security requests and ensure that any deficiencies raised are addressed

Effective access controls to supported systems.

  • Extensive knowledge of business processes in the telecommunications sector.
  • Specialized knowledge of IT support procedures, application building, hardware technologies, systems integration and development techniques.

ITIL standards

  • Automate application interfaces and manual activities
  • Explore planning techniques and tools to overcome application dependencies
  • Analyze incidents to identify hotspots or underlying issues – implement a solution
  • Automate business and system processes to improve productivity and efficiency.

· Work with other developers, designers and architects to ensure configuration and custom components meet application requirements and performance goals

Qualifications and experience required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, related field or equivalent experience.
  • 2-3 years of experience in IT development or IT operations

Experience working in a medium to large organization

  • Working knowledge of
    • Project management principles, Agile principles and general technical management
    • The vast knowledge base of application development using an array of application development tools (Java or C# or Python, HTML2, JavaScript, JSON, XML, RESTful APIs, SOAP web services)
    • Service monitoring
    • Application Development Lifecycles
    • User Needs Analysis Standards and Methods
    • DevOps practices and tools
    • Cloud services and license management
  • Knowledge of PL/SQL and RDBMS

Functional skills

  • Business analysis
  • Business process improvement
  • Measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Planning and organization
  • Performance improvement
  • Project delivery
  • Software development (JAVA, C# or Python, HTML2, JavaScript, RESTful API, SOAP web services, JSON, XML)
  • Systems analysis
  • Systems design and integration
  • System tests

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