Kristi Noem intervened in her daughter’s request for an evaluation

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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem’s daughter had an unusual third chance to successfully earn her real estate appraiser’s license, according to a former state employee.

Kassidy Peters was given the opportunity to correct her application, said Sherry Bren, formerly executive director of the state’s appraiser certification program, according to CNN. Bren testified before lawmakers that the state’s process for handling the request was unusual and came as Peters faced a denial due to shortcomings in his work.

Noem previously said Peters’ experience with the licensing process was only briefly mentioned at a meeting in July that included Bren, Peters and senior state officials. The governor said the event was aimed at fixing an evaluator program that had “long been broken” and resulted in an evaluator shortage.

Bren testified that they discussed Peters’ application in detail, including how a deal could be reached to allow him to complete the program. This included various evaluator courses Peters could take as well as outlining the process for “correcting and rewriting” reports in his application, Bren said. A deal was reached days later, according to documents provided by state officials.

It gave Peters a third shot at his candidacy, one more than candidates typically receive, Bren said.

Noem spokesman Ian Fury said in a statement that such deals were not unusual. “Noem didn’t ask for any special treatment for his daughter,” he said.

Bren said she was forced to retire several months later “at the request of the administration” and claimed her work had never been reviewed negatively before.

She filed an age discrimination lawsuit after her retirement and agreed to drop it after receiving a $200,000 settlement.

[CNN] — Dennis Lynch

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