Learn JavaScript Games and Web Development for Under $ 30


For new programmers, reality rarely lives up to expectations. There is so much to learn in those first few weeks, and it can be difficult to stay motivated, especially if there isn’t an easy way to show off your newfound skills quickly.

It’s a shame because programming has to be fun and there just aren’t enough training programs that emphasize the creative side of the job. But at least one e-learning system takes you through the basics of today’s most popular languages ​​via the scenic route. In the JavaScript DOM Game Developer Bundle, you won’t just learn one of the most popular and useful languages, you’ll use it to build games and web pages in just a few hours.

As the name suggests, the majority of the eight courses in this online training package focus on the process and pitfalls of game development. This makes it a great starting point for aspiring designers, but the skills you’ll learn also create a great foundation for any programming career.

The introductory course lasts approximately seven hours and teaches all JavaScript syntax. By the time you’re done, you’ll have created no less than five projects, including your own versions of some popular web games. From there, move on to a series of courses focused on using a Document Object Model (DOM) interface with JavaScript. Once you’ve learned how this can allow you to dynamically modify your code, try more complex projects like web pages, math games, and puzzle games, all written from scratch.

PCMag readers can start their programming career today with access to 50 hours of training with The DOM JavaScript game developer set, on sale for $ 29.99, or 98% off the MSRP of $ 1,592.

Prices subject to change.

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