Microsoft Office Expands With New “Loop” Application Focused on Hybrid Work

Microsoft today announced a new Microsoft Office application called “Microsoft Loop”. The app is a revamped version of Microsoft Fluid collaborative technology, and it’s designed with special emphasis on remote working. See you below for details.

As reported by the Edge, Microsoft’s Fluid technology focuses on “blocks of collaborative Office content that can live independently and be copied, pasted and shared with others.” The new Microsoft Loop applications are an extension of this experience:

Much like Fluid, Microsoft Loop has three main elements: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces. Loop components are pieces of live content that can exist in multiple apps, updated in real time, and free for anyone to access. This can be a list shared in a Teams channel and also editable in a loop page, or notes in a calendar entry that are also available to be pasted into Outlook and edited in real time in an email.

These components can also exist in the main Microsoft Loop hub, inside what Microsoft calls Shared Loop workspaces. It’s almost like a project board, where you can see a list of all the loop components and loop pages and who is currently working on them. Think of it as a modern file explorer, where everything is live and collaborative.

Microsoft describes the application:

Microsoft Loop, a new application that moves freely between applications, allowing teams to think, plan and create together. You can organize everything you need for your project – files, links, and data from other applications – in one workspace. It’s easy to use portable components to complete work in chat, meetings, or documents, knowing that content always stays in sync.

As for availability, Microsoft Loop will start appearing in Teams, Outlook, and OneNote this month. The dedicated Microsoft Loop application should be released down the line, with more details expected “in the coming months.”

Additionally, as part of its Ignite announcements today, Microsoft announced a new focus on the metaverse. Find out more in the the company blog here.

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