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MLB will start canceling games if no deal by Feb. 28 originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Major League Baseball will begin canceling regular season games if they don’t reach a new labor agreement with the players’ union by Monday, according to multiple reports.

Without a deal by Monday, the season won’t be a full 162 games.

Yahoo! Hannah Keyser of Sports quoted an MLB spokesperson as saying, “A deadline is a deadline.”

MLB, according to reports, also said players would not receive their full salaries if games were called off. However, that could still be subject to negotiations or legal action, depending on where the league’s ongoing labor battle is headed.

The MLB lockout is approaching its fourth month and the league has shown no willingness to lift the lockout to begin spring training and the regular season.

The league and the union are a long way from negotiations for a new labor agreement, and MLB recently set a deadline on Monday for an agreement to start the regular season on schedule on March 31.

Previously, commissioner Rob Manfred said MLB estimates it needs four weeks of spring training before starting the season once a working agreement is reached. He expressed hope that the two sides would reach an agreement in time for the scheduled openings.

“I’m an optimist and I think we’ll get a deal in time to play our regular schedule,” Manfred told reporters earlier this month.

Based on Wednesday’s news, his reasons for optimism may be fading.

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