Mozilla Firefox 104 is now available for download, here’s what’s new

Scheduled for an official release on August 23, 2022, the open-source Mozilla Firefox 104 web browser is now available for download on GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Firefox 104 entered public beta testing at the end of July, during which it offered a long-awaited feature, namely the ability to swipe left and right on web pages using a horizontal two-finger swipe gesture without holding down the Alt key.

Unfortunately, just like Firefox 103Firefox 104 misses out on this long-awaited feature in the final release, which now seems to have been carried over to the next version, Firefox 105. Of course, you can still navigate back and forth with a trackpad using a horizontal two- fingers gesture while holding down the Alt key.

Among other features, Firefox 104 brings support for subtitles on Disney+ in the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function, adds support for writing text, drawing and signatures in the PDF viewer integrated, and adds support for the scroll-snap-stop and re-snapping properties to specify the passing of snap points and keep the last snap position.

With this release, Mozilla decided to adopt a performance feature that was only available for Firefox UI background tabs for improved performance and battery life. Additionally, Linux users enjoy improved stability and performance when minimizing or restoring windows.

Among some of the bugs fixed in Firefox 104 is a fix to preserve highlight color after typing Enter in the mail composer of Yahoo Mail and Outlook, a fix for the unformatted paste shortcut (Shift+Ctrl+V) to work in plain text contexts like input and text boxes, as well as a fix for the back navigation on error pages to take you to the previously visited website.

For web developers, Firefox 104 promises support for Array.prototype.findLast(), Array.prototype.findLastIndex(), TypedArray.prototype.findLast()and TypedArray.prototype.findLastIndex() methods, which are used to find the value of the last element in a Array Where TypedArray which matches a provided test function and indexes it.

Developers also get support for option.focusVisible parameter in HTMLElement.focus() to force a browser to show a visual cue after an element is in focus, support for disabling or enabling an SVG style element in the SVGStyleElement.disabled ownership, as well as support for source to log.entryAdded an event.

As mentioned earlier, Mozilla will officially announce the Firefox 104 web browser on August 23, 2022, along with Firefox 91.13 and 102.2 ESR versions, when macOS and Windows users can update via OTA (Over-the-Air) updates. ). However, since this OTA feature is missing for GNU/Linux users, you can download Firefox 104 right now from the official server.

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