MultiVersus download count breaks records and shows healthy gameplay

The MultiVersus fighting game has been preparing for its wider release for a little while now. With the closed beta, it became clear that this was something more than another revamped Smash Bros. With the game now publicly available in Early Access, it’s already smashing expectations. MultiVersus’ download count has already broken records for fighting games on day one of its wider release. Onboarding and player retention seem healthy so far.

That’s why MultiVersus has been such a hit so far and what to expect for its esports as the game grows.

MultiVersus downloads break records on day one

MultiVersus was released widely in July, entering an open beta and allowing players access to the title without having to qualify for a select group of testers. The game broke fighting game records from day one of release.

On the first day of open beta, MultiVersus managed to reach 144,456 concurrent players on Steam. This placed it securely in the top four titles for the platform as a whole! That’s no small feat for any newly released game. For a fighting game though, that’s a complete outlier.

As an Early Access game, those launch numbers definitely look positive. Brawlhalla, another Smash Bros-style free-to-play platformer, managed to attract around 15,000 players. So while the free-to-play factor certainly helps, the MultiVersus download numbers are fantastic even in this category.

The game regularly receives new content and has managed to announce new fighters often enough to really keep the hype going. Heading into a larger release, it looks like things won’t be slowing down for MultiVersus anytime soon.

Prior to the release of this game, the former record for fighting games was held by FighterZ. That record was blown out of the water with MultiVersus though. A few thousand players are apparently enough for a fighting game to have great matchmaking. This player base size is really going to help make MultiVersus a smooth gaming experience.

MultiVersus Esports will be huge

MultiVersus breaks records on Twitch and for download numbers. What does this mean for fans of competitive fighting? On the surface, this is pretty much more of a guarantee that the initial tournaments will come to play. However, most players were already expecting this.

MultiVersus will make its esports debut around EVO this year, the premier event for fighting games. Big names like SonicFox have already announced plans to try and break into the platformer fighting genre with this release. All of this makes it seem like the MultiVersus esports game is ready and waiting for players to get started.

Just a few days ago, MultiVersus launched the MVSgaming Twitter account. This will be a dedicated account to support the esports community for the game. It looks like MultiVersus is gearing up for competitive events to really kick off. After a try at EVO, we can probably expect to see high stakes tournaments start showing up for the game.

The upcoming tournament will be the first major tournament in the game. However, the road to this tournament has already seen some competition. The finale with Synume and Leviathan in the recent Justice League: Road to EVO is a good look at how competitive action works.

Conduit Gaming will also be hosting a MultiVersus Open Beta Launch Contest, which will be another early chance to check out some of the best players. MultiVersus looks like the exciting big novelty in fighting games. If it can continue, it could be one of those rare titles with the longevity to join the fighting game pantheon.

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