Netflix Games expands with its latest award-winning acquisition

netflix (NFLX) had a turbulent year.

The streaming giant’s public turmoil began after announcing an incredibly large loss in April during its first quarter earnings call – 200,000 global subscribers lost in the first three months of 2022.

However, perhaps even more disturbing was his vision of the future. Netflix also said it expects the loss of an additional 2 million global paid adds in the three months ending June.

Naturally, this has led to the company’s stock plummeting, losing a total of $50 billion in value as Netflix is ​​forced to find a way to innovate in the same space it pioneered.

One way to do that is to get into the video game space, which is expected to reach $197 billion in revenue by the end of the year and continues to thrive in the entertainment space.

He debuted there in November 2021 with five mobile titles, two of which were based on his hit show “Stranger Things.”

Since then, it has continued to gradually add to this library, which is exclusive to Netflix subscribers, with a goal of 50 games in its library by the end of this year.

So far it has added a wide variety of genres ranging from arcade classics and zombie shooters to classy endeavors such as “This is a True Story”, based on the plight of an African woman trying to find water for his family.

Now it’s added a few more titles, and one of them has some pretty notable accolades.

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What games are new on Netflix?

Netflix has three new games debuting in July, and like previous titles, they’re all for mobile devices.

The first, “Before Your Eyes”, is a narrative adventure game where players accompany a character named The Ferryman as he transports humans to the afterlife. The game won the prestigious award from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in 2021, not only for its emotional storyline, but also for using a quite innovative game mechanic: when you blink, the device phone photo recognizes it and it has an effect on the story.

The second, “Mahjong Solitaire”, is a much simpler fun, but one that will surely scratch the itch for those who love the ancient and beautiful Chinese game. It’s been improved a bit by adding some nice backgrounds, although if you’re more into the dark you can also upload an image of the Upside Down from ‘Stranger Things’ and play your games on top of that.

The third title is perfect for fans of turn-based strategy games. Entitled “Into The Breach”, it puts the player in the shoes (very large) of giant robots working hard to defend the world from an alien invasion. Originally released on PC in 2018, this is the game’s debut on mobile devices, and it seems like a great way for a new audience to experience it.

Why Netflix is ​​targeting mobile

While releasing mobile games might not seem like a big moneymaker to those unfamiliar with the gaming industry, it’s actually a proactive move for Netflix.

Like many other popular mobile titles, some of these games feature microtransactions, which typically allow players to pay a small amount of money to purchase a hint, costume or weapon upgrades, or more game time. .

However, the developers are emboldened to ask players to spend more, and the strategy is working. High-profile developer Activision Blizzard did just that when it released a mobile version of its long-running “Diablo” video game series in June, offering expensive microtransactions to let players get powerful items faster. Despite fan outrage, sales show “Diablo Immortal” earned nearly $50 million in its first month.

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