Netflix is ​​considering more video games based on its own IP address – Deadline

Netflix has been in the gaming space for almost a year and double that.

The streamer, which unveiled its third-quarter financial results on Tuesday, currently has 35 games on its service and another 55 in development.

The latter will also include more games based on its own Netflix IP. Currently, it offers games based on series such as stranger things (Including Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: the game), as good as Nailed it! with pastry festival. This also has Explosive kittensfor which she is developing a series as well as a game.

“Our first year has been about establishing our gaming infrastructure and understanding how our members interact with games,” Netflix noted in its shareholder letter. “With another 55 games in development, including more games based on Netflix IP, we are focused in the next few years on creating hit games that will take our gaming initiative to the next level. More generally, we are seeing great opportunity around content that intersects with television or cinema and games.

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He highlighted a “big opportunity” around content that crosses between TV or film and games and pointed to anime series. Cyberpunk: Edge Runners. After the show launched, he said CD Projekt’s game usage increased on PCs.

He would obviously like some of that push himself.

There was little programming news in the quarterly letter to shareholders. He again highlighted the success of shows such as Stranger Things S4, The Sandman, Cobra Kai and Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and has also touted some of its non-English series such as Korea’s Extraordinary Prosecutor Woo and Narco-Saints, from Brazil Sintonia and that of Germany The Empress.

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