New malware infects PCs via fake Windows 11 download page

Attackers are desperate to deceive anyone and will try to spread malware in any way possible. After the Telegram malware Reported last week, a new malware known as “Inno Stealer” (since it uses the Inno Setup Windows installer) is now infecting various PC users. The malware comes from a campaign that uses a fake Windows 11 download page that installs it on machines.

You may fall victim to this trap through poisoned search results that will lead you to the fake Windows 11 page. The problem is that the entire download page looks realistic due to the downloaded images (Microsoft logos and favicons) and details from the original Windows page. This can be a dangerous place for people who don’t know enough about the right Windows 11 standards and minimum requirements. It also targets a large number of browsers and crypto wallets. beeping computer says that there are 35 web browsers and 39 crypto wallets targeted by Inno Stealer.

Browsers targeted by Inno Stealer (Credits to CloudSEK via Bleeping Computer)
list of Crypto wallets targeted by Inno Stealer malware
Crypto wallets targeted by Inno Stealer (Credits to CloudSEK via Bleeping Computer)

The page features a “Download Now” button that will prompt unknown people to click. When the person uses the button, the page downloads and installs the malicious EXE file in the PC. This malware in this campaign can be tricky as it can evade the protection and security of the Defender and even uninstall security products and execute other strategies to gain access to his machine.

After successfully infiltrating the PC, Inno Stealer will acquire web browser data, saved credentials and cryptocurrency wallet data. This is where things will get worse as it can cause you greater damage in various ways.

Inno Stealer is not the first malware to infect machines via fake Windows 11 download pages, and there will likely be more malware in the future that will attempt the same tactic. With this, it is important to pay more attention to the pages you visit. If you plan to update your operating system, make sure you have the correct page and review the details. Above all, make sure to protect your PC with powerful antivirus software with all necessary essential updates. It will also be helpful not to download ISO files from unknown sources and perform the upgrade in your control panel.

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