Nintendo Switch Online adds one of N64’s best games next month

Today Nintendo Switch Online on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch OLED, and Nintendo Switch Lite added one of the best games of the N64. Next month, it will add another of the best games in the N64. If you haven’t started Nintendo Switch Online today, it has been updated with Paper mario. This is not the news, however. We knew it was happening. The news is, next month’s N64 game has been revealed. To kick off 2022, higher tier Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get nothing but Banjo Kazooie. At the time of publication, it’s unclear when exactly in January 2022 the game will be added, but that has been confirmed by Nintendo for next month.

For those who don’t know: Banjo Kazooie debuted in 1998 via Nintendo and developer Rare, which is now run by Xbox alongside IP. The first game in the series of the same name, it is widely regarded as one of the best games of the N64, scoring a very impressive 92 on Metacritic at launch.

“Trouble arises when Gruntilda the Witch captures the unbearably beautiful little bear cub, Tooty,” one of the game’s official pitch reads. his fine-feathered friend, Kazooie, join forces to stop him. By combining their 24 moves and special powers, Banjo and Kazooie will fend off armies of beasts. Bear and the bird must hunt down all 100 puzzle pieces and 900 notes music that will eventually lead them to Gruntilda.However, miles of swamp, desert and snow and an adventure bear stand in their way.

Like all N64 games available through Nintendo Switch Online, subscribers will need access to the service’s expansion pack to play this game “for free” when it releases next month.

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