Platinum Games wants to be known for more than action

Platinum Games established a reputation for enjoyable single-player action games in the late 2000s and 2010s, but recently the studio has begun to focus on producing games beyond the linear appeal of titles like than Bayonetta or Vanquish. Platinum Games VP Hideki Kamiya recently revealed in an interview that Platinum wants to be seen as more than just an action game studio.

“I think in terms of fan expectations of linear action games like NieR and Bayonetta, we understand that we get some respect for the action games we’ve made, and we’re always happy to hear it,” Kamiya told VGC. “But we don’t want to be labeled as ‘the action game company’, we want to be labeled as a company that cares about original and fun gameplay. Hopefully with the things we do at the future, this philosophy will become more evident to our fans.”

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Platinum Games President Atsushi Inaba added that while the studio isn’t abandoning linear action games entirely, it is more focused on exploring fun and interesting ideas.

“If we have an interesting idea, I don’t think there’s a reason why we would say, ‘No, we’re not doing this anymore, we’re done with this’. So we’re interested both ways. “, Inaba said.

One of Platinum’s upcoming games is Babylon’s Fall, a live-action hack-and-slash RPG that launches on March 3. Ahead of its official release, a demo containing the opening section of the game will be open to all PlayStation 4 and 5 owners. February 22. gameplay when first announced.

Scalebound was canceled in 2017, but Kamiya really wants to bring it back from the dead and says the ball is in Microsoft’s court when it comes to relaunch talks.

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