Please, please don’t download the first version of Skate 4, EA is screaming desperately into the void

Perhaps you have heard of the Streisand effect; the phenomenon that occurs when someone attempts to hide, suppress, or censor information…and actually ends up amplifying it to a much larger (and often more vocal) audience.

This psychological phenomenon got its name when Barbara Streisand attempted to remove an aerial photograph of her massive mansion from a public collection of California coastal photographs – and in the process ended up broadcasting the location of her property to anyone. wanted to find it. Oops.

Now we don’t say Skate 4 and Barbara Streisand are similar, but there’s definitely a parallel to be drawn. Earlier this week, we reported that some Skate 4 footage had leaked online, giving us a good look at the partially teased pre-pre-pre-alpha footage in the most recent trailer.

In reaction to these images, EA released a statement saying, “We are aware of an earlier version of the game that has been distributed without our permission. This version is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use” (thanks, VGC).

It turns out that this version is available quite easily online if you know where to look. A quick look at social media feeds and online forums shows that plenty of people have already gotten their hands on it.

And, if the posts on the Resetera gaming forum are to be believed, many people didn’t know there was a “cracked” version of the alpha until EA released their statement. Oops.

If you want to be part of the process – formally! – EA invited players to test the first version of the game. Going this route allows you to offer feedback and play a positive role in the game’s development process. Admittedly, not everyone who applies will be invited to do so. part of the first alpha testing period, as EA “will invite players to participate in playtesting based on various factors defined by our testing goals at this stage of development.”

“While we understand that you are eager to jump into the game, we encourage you to be careful when downloading files from unknown sources,” EA said in its statement. So be careful, and maybe – this time around – heed what the editor says (no pun intended).

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