Programming language: Roof for application areas with limited resources

The Roof programming language is now open source. Co-developer Kasper Lund announced this in a blog post. Roof was designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT) and, according to the developers, is expected to run code on ESP32 microcontrollers about 30 times faster than MicroPython. The language is similar to Python in its syntax.

Even at the start of Toit’s development, it was clear that one day the programming language would be released as open source, they say. in the blog post. After all, all major and widely used programming languages ​​are open source. Nevertheless, they wanted to make sure that the language was stable, and therefore initially worked closely with the paying customers on the Roof platform worked together.

But now we’re ready to open the tongue: Up Github the developers provided the implementation of the language, including the compiler, virtual machine, and standard libraries. A quick start guide on the project side helps to learn the language.

Kasper Lund and Lars Bak, the second chef behind Toit, are well-known developers in the Google world. There they were responsible for the V8 JavaScript engine used in Chrome and Node.js and the Dart programming language for developing web and mobile applications. Both left Google almost at the same time and have dedicated themselves to Roof since 2018. The name is the transcription of the phonetic pronunciation of the English term tight and refers to the limited resources of IoT devices that must be taken into account during development.

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