Resident Evil Showcase: Biggest announcements and featured games

Capcom released its latest Resident Evil showcase on October 20, which detailed announcements for several upcoming games and expansions. Most notably, the presentation offered an in-depth look at the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. However, the showcase also talked about Resident Evil Village.

These are the biggest announcements aired during the October 2022 Resident Evil showcase.

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Third-person camera mode is coming to Resident Evil Village alongside the game’s upcoming DLC, which also features an all-new story as well as new mercenaries. The DLC is set to launch on October 28.

A Resident Evil Village third-person mode demo is now available. You can only play the demo for 60 minutes in total, so make sure you don’t lollygag.

New Resident Evil 4 gameplay features protagonist Leon entering the village of Ganados for the first time, focusing on his first major encounter with the infected villagers. The encounter is as tense as it was in the original RE4, seeing Leon having to climb gates and leap across rooftops to buy enough time to turn around and fire a few shots at his pursuers.

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