Rockstar Games confirms hacker stole first footage of Grand Theft Auto VI

American video game publisher rock star games revealed on Monday that he had been the victim of a “network intrusion” that allowed an unauthorized party to illegally upload the first footage of Grand Theft Auto VI.

“At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our live gaming services or any long-term effects on the development of our ongoing projects,” the company said. said in a notice shared on his social media handles.

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The company said the third party had accessed “confidential information from our systems”, although it was not immediately clear if this was other data beyond the game footage.

The data trove contains some 90 video clips of the game, leaked over the weekend to GTAForums by a user with an alias “teapotuberhacker”, hinting that the party is also the same person responsible for the recent Uber breach. .

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The Uber hacker, who bears the name Tea-pot, would be an 18-year-old teenager. No other details are known yet.

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“These videos were uploaded from Slack,” teapotuberhacker said in one of the forum posts. It also likely means that the threat actor used the same multi-factor authentication (MFA) bombardment technique to bypass the account’s additional layers of security.

The hacker’s ultimate goal appears to be to “negotiate a deal” with the company. “I’ll disclose more if Rockstar/Take2 doesn’t pay me,” the leaker posted in a message on 4chan.

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