Social Truth App: Where and How to Download Donald Trump’s Social Media App

After several mainstream social media platforms suspended his accounts, former US President Donald Trump is making a comeback by releasing his app named Truth Social.

The said app contains many features similar to other social media giants including notification and search bar feature. Despite the similarities, the goal of the app is to allow US residents to have freedom of speech.

Former US President Donald Trump launches Truth social app

Sky News has reported that the Truth Social app, which allows users to post and share “truths” as a tweet, is now available on Apple’s App Store.

On top of that, the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG)-owned app has been dubbed the “America’s Big Tent” social media site because it promotes free speech regardless of political beliefs.

Additionally, the platform, which was also headed by former Republican U.S. Representative Devin Nunes, claims to be the latest in a growing number of tech companies positioning themselves as champions of free speech. With this, the company claims to attract users who think their opinions are being suppressed on mainstream social media.

Truth Social App: Features

For those wondering about the capabilities of the Truth Social app, its description states that it allows users to interact with their friends, customers, and the world, explaining that all they have to do is download and create an account to join the conversation.

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Truth Social App also gives its users a unique perspective by posting a Truth, Re-Truth, photo, news or video link. Users will be able to follow the news while staying in touch with people who have the power to influence them.

In terms of features, the said app contains profile, truth stream, search, and notification.

The Profile feature allows users to set up a profile, picture and background to express their personality. As with other social media accounts, users can also track personal connections through the followers and followers they have, as well as their post history and likes.

Meanwhile, the Truth Feed allows users to keep up to date with the latest opinions and activities of the people, organizations and news outlets they follow. This feature is also a collection of posts from everyone they follow, showing thumbnail photos, links and more.

Meanwhile, the search feature allows users to locate someone they like and follow them immediately from the search results. It could also allow users to view their profiles first.

Similar to the famous social media giants, the Truth Social app also includes a notification feature to let users stay in touch with people. This feature allows users to check who is following them and how they react to truths from account owners.

How to Download Donald Trump’s Social Media App

For those interested in Donald Trump’s social media app, keep in mind that it’s only available for Apple devices.

To download the app, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for “Truth Social App” or go to this link.
  2. Once searched, locate the “Buy” button under the app name. It should be noted that this application is free, which means that users are not required to pay any amount.
  3. After pressing the buy button, wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  4. Finally, create an account to enjoy the mentioned features of the app.

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