Some Google users can now play cloud games directly from their search results

Google Stadia and other streaming game services are being promoted in a new way, as it seems that searching for certain games presents you with a new button that can start it and play it instantly, although it’s not yet available for everybody.

As noted by Bryant Chappel on Twitter, searching for games available on Stadia can now feature a “Play” button which, when pressed, launches you directly into the game. Chappel used Control Ultimate Edition as an example of the feature, getting to the title screen without too much trouble.

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In follow-up tweets, Chappel also discovered that similar buttons could be found for Amazon Luna and Xbox Cloud Gaming. While the Play button for Stadia games takes you straight into the game, it’s worth noting that it appears Luna and Xbox Cloud Gaming games take you to the game page first, before allowing you to jump there. actually play.

Nvidia GeForce Now is also apparently being touted as an option, though not for all games on the service at this time. Chappel notes that Fortnite works, but Far Cry 6, which is available on Nvidia’s service, doesn’t currently display the button.

It’s also worth noting that this feature doesn’t appear to be available in all regions, as Chappel is based in the US. While the feature doesn’t currently appear to appear in the UK, so it’s possible it’s slowly rolling out.

Google Stadia’s game studios were shut down last year, painting a worrying picture for the cloud gaming platform. But a report earlier this year suggested that Google wanted to save the technology by using it for new purposes, a recent example being the Resident Evil Village demo which is playable through a browser.

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