Sony “Actively Investigating” Sifu Early Access Download Issues

If you had trouble downloading Sifu on PS5 this afternoon, you’re not alone. Sloclap has confirmed that unspecified “issues” are preventing some from downloading the Early Access version of the fighting game.

“We are aware that there are issues preventing Sifu from being downloaded via Early Access on the PlayStation Store, and we are sorry for the inconvenience,” the development team explained via a tweet posted on the Twitter account. game official earlier today. “We are reviewing this with PlayStation to fix it as soon as possible, and will update you on the situation very soon!”

A few hours later, the team updated the thread to add: “Sony teams are actively investigating this issue with us, we hope to resolve it shortly. Thank you all for your patience, we will make it up for you!”

Sifu’s reviews are now online, and the reception seems… well, divided. We’ll post our own thoughts tomorrow, but until then enjoy Ed’s thoughts on the preview build he played towards the end of last year in which he said “there are definitely some intriguing ideas here, as well as a beautifully stylized aesthetic that just might elevate this highly focused fighting game into something special.”

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