Sony plans to launch 12 live service games by 2025

Jim Ryan doubled down on Sony’s commitment to growing its live services offerings in the coming years during the Gaming and Network Services portion of Sony’s 2022 business segment briefings.

As you can see in the slide below, Sony wants to double the number of live games it operates in 2023 compared to this year, from three to six. By 2024, he wants that number to reach 10, increasing further to 12 in 2025.

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Keep in mind that Sony’s graph refers to fiscal years; fiscal year 2025 runs from April 2024 to March 2025, so he expects to hit his goal of 12 live games by this March.

This is not completely new information. On a Q3 call in February 2022, Ryan has already stated Sony’s intention to launch 10 live service games by 2026. Now it appears Sony’s focus has shifted to a few games more live service than reported in February.

Sony 2022 Business Segment Information Slide

Sony has always been known for its “prestigious” single-player titles (a nebulous term in the games industry that differs depending on who you ask), but recent acquisitions and announcements indicate Sony’s desire to diversify its business model.

Its ongoing acquisition of Bungie and PC ports companies in 2021 already hinted at Sony’s decision to invest in live games and its interest in getting its games to different platforms other than the flagship PlayStation console. Ryan’s G&S services presentation just drives the nail home with a hammer on Sony’s commitment to getting plenty more live service games on its roster.

And it’s no wonder: live games make a lot of money. GTA Online, a game released in 2013, remains one of the most active games of all time. FFXIV has also become a major revenue stream for Square Enix, generating impressive profits. It’s hard for the unique new AAA games that Sony likes to invest in to compete with these long-running games and their devoted fans.

However, for those who like Sony’s traditional proprietary titles: fear not. Sony has promised to continue making solo titles.

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