Stadia test system where you play games until you unlock a certain achievement

Google Stadia has announced that it will test a new game trial system that will allow users to play certain game demos until they unlock specific achievements.

Testing will begin next week and it has been confirmed that half of players who have trial access for Control and Sniper Elite 4 are invited to demo the game with access until they unlock certain achievements (via GameDeveloper ) or reach a certain delay.

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Speaking to GameSpot, a Google representative confirmed that there is still a time limit associated with the achievement-based demo system. It’s usually up to the developers to decide how long their demos last, which means they can be longer than an hour in some cases. In the case of Sniper Elite 4, for example, it’s 90 minutes.

Players involved will be split 50/50 so the Stadia team can monitor the effects of the new trial duration metric, and with the new system, players will be allowed to play demos for an unlimited amount of time until what they unlock certain achievements. With Sniper Elite 4, players will be able to test play until they complete the achievement “The Beginning of the End”, which is achievable after completing the first mission.

Although players have access to a game’s demo, their progress is tied to their Google Account, meaning they won’t be able to restart it repeatedly. Rebellion North studio head Arden Aspinal said he believes players with access to the unlimited Sniper Elite 4 demo will give players the opportunity to experience the game and series before purchasing.

“If some of those players then convert into Sniper Elite players and fans, that’s fantastic, but at least we’re giving as many people as possible the opportunity to spend time with the game,” he said. he declares.

Stadia’s senior product manager, Karan Arora, explained that the idea for the new trial system was inspired by the “meaningful achievements” created by developers “that exemplify what it’s like to play their games.”

“Giving dev teams an effective opportunity to focus on those memorable and impactful moments with new players is an exciting experience for us,” he said, “especially when the developer takes no effort to activate .”

Arora added that Stadia wanted to test more trial options, using the example of an RPG demo where the player starts at level 100 instead of level 1.

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