The best cross-platform games for mobile and PC / console

At the top of any self-respecting list is Apex Legends Mobile, the upcoming portable spin-off of EA’s hugely popular Battle Royale shooter. And Diablo Immortal is there too, promising a sleek smartphone take on the popular action-RPG.

Then there’s Don’t Starve: Newhome, a mobile-only spin-off of Klei’s addictive island survival simulation, as well as mobile games based on the Final Fantasy, Battlefield, GTA, and Total War franchises.

When they hit the app stores, they’ll be joining PUBG, Call of Duty, and countless other series among the ranks of the multiplatform.

But some games go even further, moving from multiplatform to multiplatform. Some of our favorites include Brawlhalla, the colorful Smash-like game from publisher Ubisoft, and Among Us, Innersloth’s innovative social deduction game.

You might be surprised at the list of games that you can play both on mobile and PC / console.

Of course, there’s Hearthstone, the touchscreen-compatible collectible card game based on the Warcraft universe, and Vainglory, the popular MOBA that started life on mobile before spreading to PC and Mac. These are the obvious.

Genshin Impact is another well-known example, launched on just about every platform simultaneously before taking over the world last year. And then there’s Roblox, of course, the giant user-created sandbox loved by kids around the world, whether they’re playing on computers or smartphones.

But did you know that Fortnite is a fully cross-platform game? That’s right – while you let off steam on Athena on your PS4 or Switch, you take on opponents on their smartphones, sitting in the back of the bus, shooting bezel-less like a pro. If you are looking to grab these games on PC, the best way to do that is also through Gamecamp.

So, whatever your poison, there are plenty of opportunities to meet and be ruthlessly educated by all types of players on all platforms.

Get out.

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