The Download: Russia Spreads Misinformation About Chemical Weapons in Ukraine

1 Parts of China have returned to lockdown
A surge in cases in Shenzhen is likely linked to the crisis in neighboring Hong Kong. ($Bloomberg)
+ Foxconn had to close its factories. (FT$)
+ South Korea reported more than 380,000 new cases in a single day. (NYT$)
+ Covid is not over yet. In fact, some countries haven’t even been through the worst yet.. (NYMag)
+ It has been two years since covid-19 became a pandemic. (TR)
+ A better response to the pandemic would have saved millions of lives. (NYT$)
+ Vaccinating children has never been easy for any disease. (Atlantic $)

2 tech companies race to hire Ukrainians
The country has a well-respected technology sector with a large pool of talented people. (CNBC)
+ Meanwhile, tech workers are fleeing Russia, along with much of its middle class. (Rest of the world)

3 Can you inherit cryptocurrency?
In theory, yes. In practice this is often impossible. (voice)
+ How people make (and lose!) money with crypto. (Wired $)
+ It’s been a year since Beeple’s $69 million NFT sale. (NBC)
+ Some NFT Myths, Shattered. (Wired $)

4 Facebook office workers are going to have to start doing their own laundry
My heart is bleeding, really. (NYT$)
+ Facebook has a major child safety issue. (Wired $)

5 Things Google Search Doesn’t Show You 🔍
It’s getting worse and worse, but it’s so deeply ingrained now that we find it hard to imagine using anything else. (New Yorkers $)

6 Your Uber rides will get even more expensive
It introduces a fuel surcharge to compensate for rising gasoline prices. (WP$)
+ To resist Putin’s price hike, Americans could try driving a little slower. (Atlantic $)

7 Where does the captured CO2 go?
Shipping lines are rushing to join the nascent carbon capture boom. (IEEE Spectrum)
+ The plant that captures carbon from the air. (TR)

8 Your bosses start spying on you before you even start 👀
Delete those embarrassing social media posts. (The Economist $)

9 The Psychology That Explains Why Conspiracy Theories Take Off
They can be a collective response to threats. (Wired $)
+ Generation Z is not immune to misinformation. TikTokers are trying to clear them up. (NBC)
+ How to talk to conspiracy theorists – and still be nice. (TR)

10 How Chico the cow went from social media star to therapist 🐮
And helped heal a regrettable game designer in the process. (Atlantic $)

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