The PlayStation website now has a PC games section

As Sony continues to invest more and more in the PC gaming space, the company’s PlayStation division has updated its website to include a section dedicated to PC gaming.

The website acts as a hub for PlayStation games on PC. Some of the releases to date include God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and Helldivers. The next big release is Spider-Man, which will be released on August 12. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will also be heading to PC, as will the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection.

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Sony’s PlayStation games for PC are available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The FAQ on the PlayStation PC games website contains some potentially interesting language. In particular, he uses the word “currently” for some of his answers, such as whether or not a PSN account is required to play PC games and whether save transfers are possible between console and PC. Currently, a PSN account is not required and saves are not transferred, but the use of “currently” suggests this may change in the future, but nothing is confirmed.

For a long time, Sony chose to keep its franchises off PC and focus exclusively on the console. That has now changed, and Sony expects to earn $300 million from PlayStation games on PC this year alone.

As of March 2022, the PC edition of Horizon Zero Dawn has sold approximately 2.4 million copies, generating $60 million in revenue. God of War moved 971,000 units and earned $26.2 million in revenue, while Days Gone moved 852,000 copies and earned $22.7 million in revenue, Sony said.

In October, Sony created a PlayStation PC division, which is apparently the name of the label for publishing PlayStation games on PC.

A recent Steam database leak also revealed that Sackboy: A Big Adventure is potentially in the works for PC, while more recently a PC port of Returnal has seen the light of day. This all happened after Sony acquired PC ports specialist studio Nixxes, fueling further speculation about Sony’s plans for PC.

For its part, Microsoft has already been bringing its first-party games to PC for years, and unlike Sony, it’s releasing them day-to-day alongside their console counterparts.

Sony is also making “aggressive” plans to invest in mobile and recently announced that half of its releases will be for PC and mobile by 2025. That’s a big change for PlayStation, which has historically focused almost exclusively on its own console platforms.

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