Top 10 games to improve your data science skills in 2022

by Aishwarya Banik

December 29, 2021

These data science games can teach kids complex topics in a variety of fun ways

Data science is one of the most popular fields among technologists. Learning data science skills, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as you might think. There are a plethora of books, tutorials, courses, videos, blogs, and online courses available to help technicians. They do, however, need to devote time to learning and understanding it on a deeper level.

Playing games is a fun and enjoyable way to improve your data science skills. Here are some games that can help you improve your data science skills.


If you are new to data science this is a great game to start with because it walks you through the basics. This game helps beginners gain confidence and hone their coding skills and principles. This contains JavaScript, Python, CoffeeScript, HTML and other programming languages.

Conquer and command

One of the best data science games for improving data capabilities is Conquer and Command. It is a real-time strategy game with structures in which players must eliminate the existence of the opposing team to achieve the objective. It can help you improve your critical and structured thinking skills. It is a data science game that can also help you improve your thinking skills.


It’s a fantastic approach to improve your coding knowledge and experience. Programming languages ​​like Java, C ++, C, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and others are used at different levels. In the multiplayer mode, which is divided into three categories – easy, medium and hard – data science fans, developers and recruiters can make the game more fascinating.

Code Empire

According to science, Empire of Code is a space exploration game. This space exploration game is primarily intended for Python coders, although it is playable even if you have no prior knowledge of coding challenges. Coding tactics, methods and tasks will occupy your thoughts. Additionally, Empire of Code offers several social networks that you can join at any time for help with Python or JavaScript challenges.

Math practice

Individuals need to improve their math skills, which is at the heart of the data science industry. Data science aficionados should review the fundamentals of mathematics, such as statistics and probability, which will be applied in the field. Applicants should develop the skills necessary to speed up the process and achieve the desired results.

Pattern matrix

This game is for you if you want to improve your pattern recognition skills. The regularities in the datasets, the complexity, the visual interpretation, and the irregularities in the analysis are all used by the users to analyze the two events and understand the pattern. Experts need to brainstorm and figure out what is wrong and how to improve it.


The datasets include games like Proximity, Ship Odyssey, ShuffleBoard, Inference, and a few others. Because this is a data driven gaming platform, it teaches you the importance of data and how to use it to create confident and impressive winning strategies. All of these tasks, from shooting a bullet to shooting a CHAINSAW, will require skills in math and data science, including decision making, data interpretation, categorization and forecasting of available data.


CheckiO is a coding and programming games website for kids and beginners where they can tackle fun programming problems with Python and TypeScript. This can be used as a supplement to teach young people data science skills that are important for current and future industries. This game claims to naturally bring out coding in users as a skill which can then be honed into entertaining games. This coding game has become a knowledge exchange center for engineers and coders, in addition to helping students to be critical.

CSS dinner

CSS Diner is a fun game that teaches you about Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, which determine how HTML elements appear on screen. This 32 level game will teach kids the basics of CSS and the data science process. The amount of coding and programming required increases with each level, forcing students to apply their knowledge to win the game.

Ruby warrior

Ruby Warrior is a great game for young people and learners who want to gain hands-on experience of the Ruby programming language. The game offers a variety of levels, allowing students to tailor their experience and abilities to the appropriate level. To connect to the game and learn to program, young people only need a computer with an Internet connection and their Facebook ID. It was created for children to learn to code, but it can also be used by adults who have a day job and want to learn to code.

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