Ubisoft games are coming to Netflix, including a new Assassin’s Creed title

As Netflix continues to grow its games division, the company is bolstering its library of mobile titles with games from Ubisoft.

As part of Ubisoft Forward today, the publisher announced several titles for Netflix Games, including Valiant Hearts 2 (January 2023), Mighty Quest 2 (2023), and a new Assassin’s Creed title (undated) . There will be no ads or in-app purchases for any of these games.

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Netflix game boss Mike Verdu appeared in a video during Ubisoft Forward. But he didn’t share any concrete details about Ubisoft’s upcoming games for Netflix.

Netflix aims to have a library of over 50 titles available to subscribers by the end of 2022, and partnering with studios like Ubisoft appears to be one way to help the company achieve this.

Along with partnering with big studios like Ubisoft, Netflix has been busy buying game studios including Boss Fight Entertainment, Next Games, and Night School Studio.

Additionally, Netflix and Ubisoft are working together on a live-action TV series, originally announced in 2020.

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