Update Google Chrome Now: How to Download Chrome Security Update on Mac, Linux, Windows, Android

Google recently released an update to Google Chrome due to the recent high-severity exploit encountered. The tech giant is encouraging its billions of users around the world to download the Google Chrome security update as soon as possible.

Google has extended the warnings and educated its huge user base by informing them that they expect an increasing number of zero-day attacks in the near future.

With that, here is the recent Google Chrome security update for zero-day exploit CVE-2022-1096 for Mac, Linux, and Windows users.

How to Update Google Chrome on Your Computer

To update Google Chrome, here are the following steps as recommended by Google:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Select “More”, which is located at the top right of the screen.
  • Select “Help” from the drop-down menu, then select “About Google Chrome”.
  • To update Chrome, select “Update Google Chrome” flashed on the screen

An important note from Google is that if this button cannot be located on a user’s browser, it indicates that the user is already using the most recent version of Chrome.

  • Finally, select the “Relaunch” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Normally, when users close and reopen their computer’s browser, updates are also performed in the background. Meanwhile, if Google Chrome users haven’t closed their browser for a while, they may notice a pending update notification as follows:

  • Green indicates that a new version was published less than 2 days ago.
  • Orange: A new software version was released about 4 days ago.
  • Red indicates that an update was made available at least a week ago.

When updating Google Chrome on a computer, user tabs and windows that have been opened are saved and reopened automatically. However, the same will not happen if you are using an incognito window.

Google Incognito tabs will not be reopened. In case a user does not want to restart right away, select “Not now”. The update will be applied the next time a user restarts their browser afterwards.

How to Update Google Chrome on Mac, Linux, Windows

  • For Mac users, Google Chrome installed in the Applications folder can be responsible for configuring automatic browser updates on a user’s computer. Go to “About Google Chrome” and select “Automatically update Chrome for all users” from the drop-down menu.
  • Linux users can use their package manager to install the latest version of Google Chrome update.
  • Microsoft Windows users just need to close all Chrome windows and tabs on their desktop, then relaunch Chrome for the update to take effect.

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How to Update Google Chrome on Android

Updating Google Chrome on a user’s device depends on their Play Store settings. Most of the time, an updated Google Chrome should be automatically installed.

However, users can see if a new version is available by following these steps:

  • Open the Google Play app on an Android phone or tablet and sign in to a Google account.
  • To access the profile, click the profile icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Manage apps and devices” from the drop-down menu.
  • The Google Chrome update can be found under “Available updates”.
  • To the right of Chrome, select “Update”.

How to Update Google Chrome on Chrome Version 76 or Higher

Google recommends that if users have Chrome version 76 or later, they can check for updates directly in their browser.

  • First, open Google Chrome on their Android device.
  • Second, to update Chrome, go to the top of the page and select “Update Chrome” from the “More” button.
  • When prompted, restart Google Chrome.

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