We’ve seen so many Stardew Valley-like games coming this week

As we go through the hundreds of new game trailers during non-E3 this weekend, it quickly became clear that there are a ton of upcoming PC games aimed directly at Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon fans. City life simulations, farming and sandbox crafting, and creature collecting games appear like freshly watered crops.

It’s not a complaint. It’s great, really, given that Animal Crossing and Pokémon games (with one exception) never come to PC, and we’re always on the lookout for new comfortable living and farming sims. games like Stardew Valley. Already, gaming showcases like Guerrilla Collective and especially Wholesome Direct have delivered a ton of living and city simulations filled with farming and creature collecting.

So if that’s your scene, here are a dozen slightly Stardew-y, almost Animal Crossing, part-Pokémon games we’ve seen so far at “E3” this year.

Light Year Frontier

Farming, but with mechs? Yes please! Despite the massive mechanical armor, Lightyear Frontier (opens in a new tab) is a peaceful open-world farming game where you grow crops, build a farm and explore the alien planet. You’ll even be able to mech-farm with friends in co-op when it launches in 2023. It looks stellar.

Pasha Roots

Return to the Stone Age in Roots of Pacha (opens in a new tab), which has a lot of agriculture and a strong focus on the community. Domesticate crops, breed animals, develop your prehistoric village, and play with friends in co-op. We tried an alpha in February (it’s coming out later this year) and it’s looking good (opens in a new tab).

Puffpals: Island Skies

The interest for puffpals is dizzying, and not just because the game takes place in the fluffy clouds. Her Kickstarter campaign was a huge success, attracting over $2 million in fan funding, and I can see why: she looks downright adorable. Puffpals is full of cute, farming animals and includes a character creation tool that goes way beyond what Animal Crossing offers.

potions license

Imagine Stardew Valley but you’re an alchemist turned doctor (opens in a new tab). When various townspeople fall ill, you’ll need to diagnose them and brew a potion to cure them. Head out into the wild to gather ingredients, battle dangerous wildlife, and enjoy activities like fishing or visiting the pub.

Healthy: out and about

A healthy game so healthy that healthy is actually in its name (opens in a new tab). It’s not due out until 2023, but when it does, you’ll be able to garden, cook, play mini-games, build friendships, and try to restore your dear old grandma’s house.

Creature Cultures

Who says city life can’t be a little scary? Sylvie the witch has been banished from her village and now wants to settle on a mysterious island, grow critters (opens in a new tab) like bats, ghosts and mummy mushrooms, and make friends with adorable scary strangers.


Like a cat fed up with the 9 to 5 grind at Snacko (opens in a new tab), you head to an island to quietly farm, fish, and build, attracting other colorful characters who want to do the same. The fact is that the island you have settled on is cursed, so you will also try to unravel a mystery and find an ancient goddess who can provide you with answers.

Garden Witch Life

In the life of the garden witch (opens in a new tab), you move into the home of an ancient witch and begin tending a magical garden. Farm, brew potions, cook in a cauldron, upgrade your home, and explore the island’s history while being part of its magical community.

moonstone island

moonstone island (opens in a new tab) leans more towards Pokémon as you tame and collect quirky-but-cute creatures and pit them against enemies in turn-based battles. But there’s still plenty of city life to enjoy, and you can build your home on one of over 100 procedurally generated islands.

Ikonei Island

This beautiful island is not entirely friendly and you will have to face pirates and monsters. But there are creatures to bond with and resources to gather to help restore the island and build a cozy hamlet for yourself. A two-week open beta begins on Steam (opens in a new tab) if you want to check it.

magic egg

It’s not until next year, but Ova Magica (opens in a new tab) bills itself as Stardew Valley meets Pokemon, so that’s a good start. (There’s a brief preview in the video above at 1:07:19.) Collect and train cute creatures called blobs, plant and farm (blobs can help with that), and become friends (or more, if you know what I mean) with the locals.


Why stay in a city when you can explore the world and find new ones? Travel the world in an adorable airship at Townseek (opens in a new tab) and fly from town to town, trading goods and valuables wherever you land. Fish, farm, mine resources and collect rare artifacts on your adventures.

Special Mention: Haunted Chocolatier

While we haven’t seen a new trailer this June video game announcement season, we’d be remiss to leave out the next game from Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone. haunted chocolatier. It’s the same sort of thing as Stardew Valley except you make chocolate. And your house is haunted. Barone says combat will be a bigger focus for him in this game and that he’s going to “approach some things differently this time around” when it comes to romance.

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