What is World Study Online? Blockchain Application, Efficiency Tips Most Picked Courses

The number of people adopting digital ways of learning is increasing exponentially, but what is the world studying in the digital space? Udemy – one of the largest ed-tech platforms in India in its Global Workplace Learning Skills Index has revealed that so far in 2022 lessons on decentralized applications for blockchain and work efficiency were the leading courses among global learners in the fields of technology and energy skills, respectively.

Blockchain-related tech skills, such as DApp and Binance, see usage increase by more than 450% from Q4 2021, while power skills, such as Efficiency (98% increase) and Success (92% increase) also continue to increase. attract the attention of those seeking to hone their leadership abilities, the report reveals.

The report also highlighted many country-specific trends in employee learning, are –


1 Coaching

2 Cloud Computing

3 Financial statement


1 Sas

2 PstgreSQL

3 Coding Interview


1 Cucumber Software

2 OracleSQL

3 Sharing


1 Swift

2 data structures

3 iOS development


1 Next.js

2 Human Resources

3 Sass

Top skills that are increasing in India (the percentage represents an increase in consumption compared to the previous quarter):

1 Oracle Fusion HCM with 712% increase

2 Warehouse management with a 256% increase

3 Google Looker with a 213% increase

4 Robot Framework with an increase of 206%

5 Payments with an increase of 181%

According to the Udemy report, the top 10 rising energy skills in the world were –

According to the Udemy report, the 10 most in-demand tech skills in the world are:

Irwin Anand, MD, Udemy India, said, “With the changing ecosystem in India, the demand for upskilling and retraining has increased over the past few years. India is a hub for technical talent, and to stay relevant, organizations need to provide employees with continuous skill-based learning opportunities. With the current pandemic situation, a huge demand has been observed in the IT & Software segment.

At the end of 2021, according to Coursera, the most requested advanced courses or Indians were Google Data Analytics course, Google UX Design, Google Project Management course, IT Support course from Google and IBM’s data science course.

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