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Google typically releases new versions of Chrome every four weeks, and as such the successor to Chrome 104 is already here just in time. Google has released Chrome 105. The new version doesn’t add much to the table, but there are some interesting changes brewing with the newest version of Google’s browser.

Chrome 105: Picture-in-Picture API for Android

Google has long allowed websites to put floating picture-in-picture windows in Chrome on desktops (since version 70, to be precise), but now the respective API is finally making the leap to Chrome on Android. The capability will come to devices running Android 11 or later, and for now it will only be available for video assets.


It appears to be primarily a change aimed at developers that may make it easier or more flexible to open videos in PiP mode. After all, you can already simply leave the home screen while watching a full-screen video in Chrome to trigger PiP mode, an option that’s been around since Android 8.

Chrome 105: windows controls overlays for web apps on desktop

Many native apps on Windows and macOS add some of their content directly to the title bar, extending to the top of the window. Chrome itself is a good example, placing your tabs at the very top of the interface, next to the window control buttons. After months of developing and testing the feature, Google is now ready to bring this same feature to web application windows. This means that certain user interface elements such as search bars, icons, status information, etc. – pretty much anything a developer can think of – can now squeeze their way into the previous dead space. The new option will make web apps more native, no matter what operating system you’re using.


Chrome 105: Custom Desktop Highlight Designs

Searching a web page for its content using Ctrl+F is probably already deep in people’s minds, but Chrome 105 might offer a more personalized experience depending on the website you’re visiting. A new custom highlight API allows developers to easily change the appearance of search overlays. The feature will also help third-party spell checkers and other extensions that change text highlighting on a website. You may have come across websites and extensions that do just that before, but Chrome’s new API makes the process much easier for developers. So you can expect more developers to make use of it.

Chrome 105: Changes made by developers

While there isn’t much on the surface, Google has plenty of updates in store for developers, especially when it comes to DevTools. You can expect support for mouse-over events when filing bugs, a new top layer badge in the Elements panel, and better performance insights. For those interested, the company has posted a detailed guide on its developer website, along with a video for a quick overview.

Chrome 105: How to Download

Chrome 105 is now available on the Play Store for your Android phone. On desktop, simply head to the Chrome website to automatically get the correct version for your operating system, if you don’t already have Chrome. Alternatively, head to Chrome settings (chrome://settings), click on the About Chromium section in the lower left corner, then click check for updates. However, it may take some time before the new version is available to you.

With Chrome 105 now launched, it won’t be long until Chrome 106 hits beta.


Chrome 105: stable launch

This article previously covered the Chrome 105 beta and has been updated with additional details discovered when Chrome 105 launched into the stable release.

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