WhiteSource Becomes Mend to Focus on Preventing Application Security Issues

WhiteSource has announced the change of its name to Mend. The company is also launching automated custom code security remediation as well as integration of Mend Supply Chain Defender (formerly WhiteSource Diffend) into its JFrog Artifactory plugin, all within the Application Security Platform. Mend.

Mend secures all aspects of your software, providing automated remediation, prevention, and protection from problem to solution versus detection alone and suggested fixes.

With revenue up 800% over the past three years and net business retention of 127% in 2021, the company added 350 new customers in the past year. Mend has more than 1,000 clients, including more than 25% of the Fortune 100, and is focused on investing its latest round ($75 million Series D announced in April 2021) in its overall growth as it grows. extends beyond the software composition analysis (SCA) market. This includes moving into supply chain security through its acquisition of Diffend in April 2021 and the acquisitions of SAST startups Xanitizer and DefenseCode in February this year.

The company’s strategic acquisitions and unique automated remediation technologies have enabled it to deliver the Mend application security platform. Combining automated remediation for static application security testing (SAST) with Mend’s existing ability to do so for software composition analysis (SCA), the platform is the first to automatically find and remediate application security vulnerabilities involving both open source and custom code.

“Attackers are increasingly targeting applications as the weakest link in attacking organizations, and at the same time the pressure to deliver software faster has never been greater. Organizations face an undeniable tension to do both, better,” said Rami Sass, co-founder and CEO of Mend. “Mend breaks the trade-off between security and development delivery times by providing a solution that automates the reduction of the software attack surface while removing the bulk of the application security burden, enabling development teams to deliver secure, high-quality code, faster.”

Mend’s automated correction for SAST

Offering automated remediation for open source and custom code, delivering exact fixes for every line of code, the Mend Application Security Platform makes it easy for any level of developer to write secure, quality code. . Prior to this breakthrough, major application security products could, at best, provide training materials and samples to help developers find fixes for every security issue they encountered. This inefficient process forced developers to choose between security and meeting deadlines.

The Mend Platform provides automated remediation for SCA and SAST, presented directly in the developer repository, for easy integration into the developer workflow. With Mend, developers don’t have to sacrifice security for speed.

Mend Supply Chain Defender Integration with Artifactory Plugin

The integration of Mend Supply Chain Defender – a solution that detects and blocks open source malicious software – into the Mend Platform plug-in for the Artifactory registry allows enterprise customers to use JFrog Artifactory as a private repository to prevent malicious open source software from entering their code base. Using a single installation of Supply Chain Defender, organizations can protect all projects involving JavaScript or Ruby with a centralized policy enforcement and auditing point. All results are displayed for open source and custom code in a custom or third-party code repository for a single view in the native developer environment.

“Whether it’s open source or proprietary code, the application security industry has focused primarily on finding and managing vulnerabilities. Mend has an interesting approach to automating the remediation of code vulnerabilities,” said Josh Johnson, Solution Architect Lead, Defy Security. “As the company announces this new name, as a partner of Mend, we are thrilled that it is reinforcing its commitment to resolving code-based security issues with automated remediation. Defy Security looks forward to seeing Mend expand automation to close security gaps.

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