You can now download the Half-Life 2 VR mod on Steam

You can now download the Half-Life 2 VR mod on Steam

Image: The Source VR Mod Team

  • Half-Life 2 VR will be released on September 16. VR modification requires the original Half-Life 2.
  • You can reserve the mod here on SteamVR and download it at launch.

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Update of September 16, 2022:

Half-Life 2 VR was released on September 16. VR modification requires the original Half-Life 2.
You can download the SteamVR mod here. You can read our preview here – Half-Lif 2 VR is excellent.

Article from August 26, 2022:

The years of waiting will soon come to an end: Half-Life 2 VR is in the starting blocks and should be even better after launch.

As the mod team announced on the project’s website, Half-Life 2 VR will be released in September. The mod has already been in private beta testing for months and will soon enter public beta.

“The overwhelmingly positive feedback from our private beta testers over the past few weeks has convinced us that the game as it is now can not only be fully completed from start to finish, but is also very enjoyable to play. , and we want to give you the opportunity to experience it for yourselves,” the mod team wrote.

Fellow MIXED Max also took part in the private beta test and found Half-Life 2 VR to be better than the original flat HL 2 experience.

The team is awaiting Valve’s response

It’s still unclear if the project will get the green light from Valve. Without a license, the team cannot publish Half-Life 2 VR on Steam. This would make the installation more cumbersome, but would not delay the release further.

“We are still waiting for Valve’s approval, and we don’t know how long it will take,” reads the mod team’s blog post. If approval does not come, the mod will be released outside of Steam.


With the launch of the open beta, the project is not over, quite the contrary. In a roadmap, the team outlines what they plan to do next. The team plans to add episodic support, overhaul weapons, improve movement and comfort, and revamp maps, assets, and textures.

“A project as vast and ambitious as Half-Life 2: VR is never really finished. There are many things that we still want to do, and that we still want to improve, so that it is the best possible VR experience.”

Big plans for Half-Life 2 VR

For starters, the team wants to bring the two complementary episodes to virtual reality. The majority of expansions are already well playable, the team said, and after the open beta launches, the team plans to review full virtual reality support for episodes one and two.

One area of ​​the base game that might need some tweaking is weapons. Many gadgets do not yet support hand poses, and some animations and effects are still missing or incomplete. “We are working on it and will gradually release updates as we progress,” he says.

The team also wants to improve controls and locomotion. The developers are thinking about teleportation support and additional comfort options for vehicles.

The team is also working on revision of 3D models and textures through AI scaling. The improvements are meant to stay true to the original game. Maps are also to be overhauled and given improved lighting, more detail, and VR optimizations.

Half-Life 2: VR will be free to play, but requires a Steam install of the original game.

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