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In November 2021, Netflix announced that it would be launching a new addition to its mobile app – a games section. While the service only started with a few titles, it has grown over time. So what does Netflix’s games section have to offer in terms of Android games?

Where can I find Netflix games for Android?

The popular streaming service has made it easier for subscribers to access all the games it offers. All of the games available on Netflix for Android and iOS are available directly within the Netflix app, under a section called Games. You will need to click on each game’s link in the app in order to download and play them with your Netflix subscription information.

What Android games can I play on Netflix?

As mentioned, the list is a bit sparse right now, but it keeps growing. Luckily, Netflix has a diverse portfolio of games, making it easy to find something you might enjoy. Here is the selection of Netflix games currently available on Android and iOS.

NEW Relic Hunters: Rebels

Relic Hunters: Rebels is a top-down shooter where you play as multiple characters, fighting through levels and waves of enemies. The pixelated, cartoon style has a fun energy, which will keep you playing for a while without a hitch. The story feels interesting and keeps you going until the main problem is solved, which in this case is teamwork.

The Hunters cross paths with Baru, a young leader on a planet inhabited by four warring tribes. Our heroes must help the tribes overcome their differences to take on the Ducan Empire and recover the all-powerful Void Stone.

Fight enemies and get blueprints, materials and resources. Use this loot to craft amazing weapons or upgrade the ones you already have. Customize your weapons by increasing the rate of fire, adding projectiles and more!

It’s a true story

This Is A True Story is a heartfelt and raw experience that brings to life one woman’s true struggle in sub-Saharan Africa. This artistic experience confronts you with this woman’s daily struggle: to fetch drinking water.

Based on interviews and real-life experiences, the role-playing game lets players explore a beautiful hand-painted landscape while surviving a windstorm, catching poachers, and even befriending a goat ! Adventure and insight await at every turn.

In The Dead 2: Unleashed

“Into The Dead 2: Unleashed” is a sequel to “Into The Dead” and takes you straight into a zombie apocalypse. This game is categorized as a “runner/shooter” hybrid and has written action throughout.

Into The Dead 2: Unleashed doesn’t have a set release date, although Netflix has announced that this title is “coming soon”.

In a world where no one is safe, do what needs to be done to stay alive. Maim, mow down and dispose of the dead – everything to keep moving. This game features multiple action-packed chapters, dozens of stages (i.e. oil fields and military bases), hundreds of challenges (think burning forests and frozen mountain peaks) and players can unlock and upgrade melee weapons, guns, explosives and more!

Shattered Remastered

Shattered Remastered is a reimagined brick-busting game that takes you through boss fights and “unique twists.”

Widely accepted as the game that redefined the breakout genre, Shatter Remastered features dozens of unique levels filled with incredible physics, power-ups, boss battles, and special attacks. These maneuvers are easy to learn but difficult to master. This updated mobile-optimized version includes global leaderboards so you can track your high scores against the world’s best brick breakers.

Hextech Mayhem

Hextech Mayhem is a blow-em-up rhythm game that lets you blast your way past outright madness.

In this fast-paced runner, every action has an explosive reaction and no amount of chaos is too much. Play as Ziggs as you ransack the neighborhoods of Piltover.

dungeon dwarves

Explore dungeons with loot-hungry dwarves and defeat monsters in Dungeon Dwarves!

Fight your way through deep dungeons, fight as a team and show your enemies what dwarves are really made of!

Stranger Things: 1984

In Stranger Things 1984, you’ll experience the popular Netflix series in glorious 8-bit glory. This side-scrolling adventure game is packed with action and plenty of homages to the original series.

Join Hopper and the kids on deadly missions around Hawkins – and Upside Down – in this retro-stylized adventure filled with collectibles.

Rocker (up)

Teeter (Up) is a relaxing and addictive puzzle game for those who just want to kick back and guide a ball into a hole.

Your mission: Maneuver a platform to guide a ball into a hole. No dragons, no monsters. Your only enemies are gravity and the laws of physics.

Stranger Things 3: the game

Stranger Things 3: The Game is another retro adventure game offered by Netflix. In this version, you can play as 12 different characters and try your luck exploring upside down.

Fight your way through a pixelated Hawkins as 12 playable characters from Stranger Things 3. Team up with a friend or dare to enter The Upside Down solo.

wonderful forever

Imagine putt-putt without physical rules or limits. This is Wonderputt Forever.

Wonderputt Forever brings a pocket-sized nostalgic trip to places you’ve never been before. A mini golf game where you have to carefully plan your shots and drive the ball into every single hole. With each level completed, the courses come to life, shifting and changing to prepare for the next.

Krispee Street

If you liked “Where’s Waldo?” As you grow older, there’s a good chance Netflix’s Android game Kripsee Street will bring you some hints of nostalgia with its colorful art style and relaxing gameplay.

Based on the hit webcomic, this emotional hidden object game (in a good way!) features hundreds of quirky characters and objects to search and find.

Xtreme Asphalt

It is a 3D offroad racing. What more could you ask for in a mobile game other than what Asphalt Xtreme has to offer?

Charge through canyons, drift through dunes and overtake your opponents in this extreme off-road racing experience.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan

Choose your heroes and embark on an epic quest to save the world of Arzu in this open world roguelike strategy card game.

bowling balls

Bowling Ballers might be the cutest bowling game you’ve ever seen. Try to destroy every pin imaginable.

In most endless runners, you want to avoid objects. Boring! Play bowling balls and knock down as many of those pesky pins as you can.

shooting hoops

You don’t need to understand how shooting a basketball with darts works. All you have to do is drop it into the basket.

A basketball with a dart gun attached? Sure why not ? Shoot darts in the right direction to push the ball through the hoop. Nothing but net.


No cat likes to look old-fashioned, honey! Help the felines look their best by mastering this match-3 puzzle that turns yarn into stylish outfits.

Dominoes Cafe

Settle in for a relaxing game of dominoes with a variety of realistic challenges in one-on-one or two-on-two contests.

Map Explosion

Create a winning hand — maybe even score a full house — in this fast-paced poker experience that’s perfect for the casual player.

As mentioned, there will be more Android Netflix games coming in the future. The good thing about what Netflix has to offer is that these games are ad-free and, with a Netflix subscription, completely free.

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