YouTube Music’s smart download icon gets a “sparkling” change

App developers are constantly changing small elements of their software’s user interface to keep things up to date. YouTube Music is no different because, according to 9To5Google, it just changed the icon for its smart download feature.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference (but most of the time it really isn’t). YouTube Music has a smart downloads feature that automatically downloads music to your device. It uses the music you usually listen to as a guide for what to download.

If that sounds like a big waste of data and storage, don’t worry. YouTube Music will only download tracks if you enable the feature. Go to settings and tap on the “Library and downloads” section. Towards the bottom you will see the smart downloads feature and the option to turn it on and off. Also, the app will let you know about the feature when you sign up for YouTube Music.

But what about changing the Smart Downloads icon?

Well, if you’ve used the smart downloads feature, you should be used to seeing a lightning bolt icon to mark the playlist. Now it’s different; instead of a lightning bolt, the element is now represented by a few sparkles. We don’t know if this change was meant to bring more attention to the feature, but it doesn’t seem too bad.

In other YouTube news: YouTube services must now use Google Play billing

When you buy something in an app from the Google Play Store, you are most likely using Google billing services. This way, only Google has your card information. However, some apps have their own billing services, which isn’t a tragedy, but it’s not as secure.

YouTube has been adding Google Billing service to its products since January, and now YouTube Music, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV have Google Billing. You can now manage these services through the Google Play Store.

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